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Sand, Sea and ... Reef: A more positive outlook on the world's largest ecosystem

While plastics continue to destroy marine life, the other packaging industries including, of course, the corrugated industry, continues to preserve and honour it. In a previous article, we looked into the ways in which paper and cardboard are improving their environmental impact miles beyond plastic. Having offered insight into just how collateral the damage on sea-life is by the plastic industry, in this article we will review the ways in which labelling and paper are riding the wave of a peaceful oceanic theme.

The world of branding is being entirely revolutionised by advances in printing technology. Labelling and paper have progressed from purely visual components to add quality to packaging, to become sensory. This is thanks to some of the printing and packaging industry leaders, who have brought some truly innovative designs to the market over 2016-17. How Design blog has recently reviewed some of the most influential moments in packaging this year. Quite rightly, they included Stranger and Stranger, a company based in three locations: London, New York and San Francisco. They are a company who manufacture bottles and labels for the international drinks trade. Not only is their design team fantastic, naturally, being a reputable business within their market, but they have proven their creativity with materials. Stranger and Stranger's bespoke design for Benham's Gin utilises sea glass for the client's local beaches, which is not only a great way to clear up the environment, but also an innovative approach to recycling and resonates with local art works. It is not surprising that this truly magical masterpiece has won a number of awards. 


On the paper side of the industry, CordenonS announced the arrival of their reef paper earlier this year, which takes luxury packaging to new depths. Promising a sensory dream of fine sands, live rock, corals and fish scales in a range of four eye-catching colours, their innovation is certainly bait for luxury manufacturers to take their packaging design to the next level. Who knows, perhaps it won't be long before their papers smell of their inspiration, that would surely go down a treat in the health and cosmetics industries. CordononS have a wide range of fantastic luxury products, having recently launched their leather look and feel paper and their silk range which have both gained immense popularity. 

Innovation within the industry is certainly on an upward trajectory, some may say it's riding the current!

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